About the Company


StraManagement launched in 2008 as a Japanese management consultancy specializing in the international fashion business. Since then, we have expanded our expertise and services substantially, and now offer our clients a wide range of support. Subsequently, our services today range from company setup and corporate services, all the way through to online distribution and digital solutions.

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Retail & OEM Services

Bags & Accessories

Petek is a Turkish leather brand with a rich history dating back to 1855 and the Ottoman Empire. StraManagement introduced the brand to Japan in 2012 and has been acting as its official distributor since that time.

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John Van is an American knitwear brand specializing in women’s shawls and is our latest brand partner. In-store and online throughout Japan from October 2017, John Van offers quality knit products at excellent price points. Additionally, OEM production is available for interested parties.

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Consulting Services

Management Consulting

From Day 1 StraManagement has been a management consultancy specialized in advising international fashion brands on how to enter and grow their businesses in Japan.

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Business Setup, Accounting & Tax Services

A key area of expertise the StraManagement Team developed in the early years was local entity setup for new market entrants. Our service ranges from advice on the appropriate business structure, through setup and registration with the respective local authorities, all the way to ongoing accounting, finance, and tax services.

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Interim Director Services

Where Business Setup and Management Consulting services overlapped, we found that many clients had a need for Interim Directors. This need could be in the form of a local legal representative of a new entity, or as a temporary CEO/CFO for local subsidiaries in need of urgent help.

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Digital Platforms

Online Distribution

For clients interested in expanding their direct e-commerce channel, StraManagement has entered into an online distribution partnership with Branded Digital Commerce Ltd. This partnership provides investment capital, experienced Project Managers, global distribution, and dedicated teams for fast and effective expansion of online sales.

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Digital Merchandising

Also in partnership with Branded Digital Commerce, StraManagement is developing StraMS, a digital merchandising platform that will be made available to all our clients as a cloud-based service. This service incorporates a sophisticated, big-data system backed-up by teams of experienced Merchandising Analysts to quickly optimize a brand’s product offer and drive sales.

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