About the Company


StraManagement launched in 2008 as a Japanese management consultancy specializing in the international fashion business. Since then, we have expanded our expertise and services substantially, and now offer our clients a wide range of support. Subsequently, our services today range from company setup and corporate services, all the way through to online distribution and digital solutions.

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Building on our original Management Consulting Service, we now offer Japanese Business Setup, Accounting & Tax Services, and Interim Director Services for our clients as required. Each of these services is backed-up with our affiliation in various global professional networks.

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Retail & OEM


In special cases we have also partnered directly with brands to act as their local distributor for the Japanese market. This role involves the importation, wholesale and retail distribution, and marketing of foreign brands in the Japanese market.

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StraManagement has responded to the challenge of an increasingly digital and global fashion industry by expanding our skill-set into e-commerce, and digital merchandising. Cloud-based and global in scale, these platforms are valuable additions to our service line-up.

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