Interim Director Services


Interim Director Services are common used throughout Europe and the United States, but are not so common in Asian countries including Japan. StraManagement however, offers this service upon request to all of our clients with contracts typically being one of the following two types.

Representative Director Service for New Entities

This is a popular option for clients setting up a new Japanese entity, and is often included in our Business Setup Service. This service entails StraManagement appointing an Interim Representative Director of a client’s newly setup Japanese entity. This arrangement is beneficial for clients with no representatives resident in Japan as required by Japanese law, but who still desire a Japanese entity independent of local partners.

Contracts for this service are typically signed with the client’s headquarters outside of Japan to ensure direct control of the Japanese entity. Additionally, the contract period for this service can be as short as 3 months, or for an indefinite period with on-demand transfer to a representative director appointed by the client.

Interim CEO/CFO Service

Another option offered to our clients is our Interim CEO/CFO Service. Once again working closely with a client’s headquarters, this service involves StraManagement dispatching an executive director to the client’s existing Japanese subsidiary. This assignment typically arises from the sudden departure of the local CEO or CFO, and the urgent need to cove these critical roles.

Contracts for this interim service begin at a minimum of 3 months and can be extended in 3 month blocks – although they do not typically extend beyond a total period of 12 months. Contracts for an interim CFO role are typically entered into with the local subsidiary, although an agreement with the client’s HQ is also possible. Interim CEO agreements are typically with Corporate HQ.

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