Petek 1855


PETEK 1855 is one of Europe’s oldest leather-ware brands. Established in 1855 in the Macedonian city of Veles, then an important part of the Ottoman Empire, Petek’s craftsmen were saddlers for the Ottoman army. In the early twentieth century the company began to manufacture consumer items such as belts, wallets and bags. The atelier was moved to Istanbul in the early 1950’s, and PETEK 1855 is now manufactured in a modern HQ and factory by almost 200 craftsmen.


PETEK 1855 operates as both a contract manufacturer supplying up-market European brands, and also as a producer of its own quality, branded products under the PETEK and VELES brands. Contract manufacturing is available as unbranded and co-branded products, with clients primarily based in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


PETEK 1855 uses the best Turkish leathers which are well-known globally for their high quality. For OEM and collaboration products, leathers are also procured also from Italy and France. Also, more recently the brand has broadened production expertise to include carbon-fiber and sustainable leather substitutes.

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