Online Distribution


Branded Digital Commerce (BDC) Ltd. is a dedicated online distributor of fashion brands. In the same way that brand-owners contract 3rd-Party distributors with local expertise for expansion into overseas markets, BDC Ltd. provides brand-owners with online global distribution expertise.

Business Model

BDC Ltd. sets up brand-specific partnerships to act as exclusive global online distributors for each client-brand. These partnerships consist of dedicated teams of e-commerce specialists managing each brand’s websites globally. These teams feature online retail specialists capable of growing each client-brand’s online sales to the maximum potential. Additionally, BDC Ltd. offers:

  1. Operating capital for each online distribution partnership.
  2. On-the -ground shared expertise and resources to facilitate fast geographic expansion for each partnership.
  3. Activation of omni-channel fulfillment for physical sales points upon request.
  4. Non-involvement in 3rd-Party online distribution.
  5. Transfer of brand partnership structure to the brand-owner upon request.
  6. On-site support of any institutional digital marketing.


Brand-owners interested in a global online partnership with BDC Ltd. can make an initial contact to StraManagement using the contact form below.